Monday, October 12, 2009

Planet Blue girls love Revolution Vintage!

Tatum wearing our revolution Vintage "Mother Fucker" tank
I visited our favorite soon-to-be neighbors at Planet Blue in the Malibu Country Mart today, and much to my surprise ( well, actually not really cause they are so cool ), I caught Jess wearing our Mother Fucker silk module tank that she admitted she is much "obsessed" with - she actually wore it three times the first week she got it!
They are so excited about what we are carrying, they can't wait for us to open so they are coming to my house to do a little shopping !

Bring it on girls! Were waiting for you!

Sarah ( loves our Jimi Hendrix belt ), Jess in the tank, and Chelsea, who models for, also has our M.F. tank.

We love you girls! You wear Revolution Vintage so well!


  1. I LOVE the mother fucker tank toooooo! Save one for me PLEASE, maybe i'll pick it up when I stop by on my way home! I realized I fly to LA and then to Utah, so maybe I will extend my lay over in LA!!!! I would love to spend a few days with you guys! LOVE and miss you! I absolutely love the NEW STUFF toooooo!

  2. So awesome Cece! Proud of you and all your success!!!!!!!! You go girl! :) Wish I was in Malibu!