Thursday, October 1, 2009

O.k., I lag...

So Last night we finally went to see "The September Issue". I have been dying to see it since it came out, the only thing that kept me from seeing it sooner was that it was in such limited release, we might as well packed an overnight bag to go to see it. This unfortunately, is one of the pitfalls of living in Malibu. 

Let me just tell you that I took away far more from this movie than I anticipated. Quite frankly, I was shocked to see how different the movie was from "Devil Wears Prada" in fact, it was the opposite. I get it though, when you make a movie, you have to make it look as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as possible. That' what sells tickets.

What's the reality? Well, first and foremost, Anna Wintour and her esteemed colleague Grace Coddington are both in their 60's. As a matter of fact, Grace is 68, ( closer to 70 ) and this is the woman who is largely responsible for the fashion layouts that appear in Vogue. From the "story" they tell in the layout, to the location, hair, make-up - Grace even dresses them on the spot - choosing not to leave the job of creating the look to an assistant. These are not tewnty-somethings dictating the looks on these pages. They are mature women deciding our current trends.

While Anna may very well be the most powerful woman in fashion, I did not by any means view her as a "bitch" or the "ice queen", just as a woman who knows her job and get's it done. This is also a woman with a tremendous amount of pressure on her shoulder. For crying out loud the CEO of Neiman Marcus is asking her to help him get the designers to start stepping up deliveries because he's losing money! No, she's not "warm and fuzzy", not many English women are by the way.

I loved the fact that Sienna Miller was the cover girl, although I must say that this cover was not my favorite.

She was growing her hair out from the short haircut she had which I have been wearing for the past couple of years ( I only recently started going platinum - thanks Taylor at Rachel Zoe - I'm obessed with platinum hair now ) - and getting mistaken for her quite a bit...
I had this picture of her on my bulletin board at the shop and everyone thought it was me : )


Me, last year before I went platinum...

Taylor Jacobson from Rachel Zoe...the reason for my new obsession with platinum.

In the documentary, Tonne Goodman, another senior editor, had a board posted with all of Sienna's hairstyles as they were trying to pick the best one to go with since her hair was at such an awkward length. Tonne told her that her favorite was her short hair ( they showed the pic above ), and Sienna seemed quite surprised! I wasn't!  It was so amazing to see my fave little haircut up on the big screen - especially with all the September issues and all of the celebrities to choose from.

I was also surprised at how Anna had her favorite necklace that she wore quite a bit throughout the movie ( the woman has quite the selection don't forget ), and her favorite Chanel jacket (oodles to pick from there too- but alas there is only one real favorite ). It's obvious too that she has a favorite style dress and wears it to death.

 In the 5 weeks they were shooting this movie, I have to say that I did not see that fantastic of a wardrobe selection. I know the French Vogue version would have been a heyday for fashion with Carine Roitfield.

The film was so good, were all going back again tomorrow. Can't wait.


  1. We LOVED the September Issue, it's amazing! Loving the Carine pictures too.
    We'll be back, come follow us
    Love TBAG <3 xx

  2. It's such a great movie, and I enjoyed reading your review as well. I think Anna Wintour's reputation as an "ice queen" is a little ridiculous - would people come up with a similar moniker for a man who was efficient and did his job well without apologizing for himself all the time? Don't think so!

  3. i'd love to see this, hadn't heard of it til i read your post. (no movies where i live, except for cable tv, though! i'll have to wait til it's out on DVD...and that is one of the pitfalls of living on a tiny island.)

    i loved sienna's hair in that cut; it's what started me thinking about going short myself. and you DO favor her w/ your cut! so cute!

    check your email; i sent you a link. :)


  4. love Karin's eyes, she have a tiger look!

  5. I really enjoyed this too. Grace emerged as such an interesting personality in the doc. I was really fascinated by her story. I agree Anna was more realistically drawn here. It's amazing to glimpse some of the non-glam behind-the-scenes drama.

  6. I love your review of it, now I really want to see it.

    You look a lot like her, and I too think she looks better with short hair.