Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Sunday, December 27, 2009


2k10 is almost here so...

Change your link blog is moving here.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Starting off a new decade with LOVE

Valentine's Day, although far too commercial is my favorite time of year to merchandise - especially the windows...

Lusting after a deep burgundy combined with red like these flowers from Alabama Chanin.
I am so excited for Natalie Chanin's new book, I have my own new collection (click to see my previous work acknowledged by Natalie ) I am working on and it will be fun to get a new vibe to my work.

My recently completed skulls and crosses skirt below is on display at the store... I won't part with it, but I have orders already placed based on the design of this skirt - of which I made my own pattern. These pieces are special, so color choices and sizes are specifically tailored to the client, as well as the amount of beading and placement of the appliques.
I am working on a completely new skirt design with Valentine's day in mind...

I have other design inspiration in mind too... like this one above, found at Jak and Jil a while back. I have years of research and development on discs to inspire me and to show chronologically how my designs evolve. Especially helpful in copyrighting art and designs - as is blogging. Years of blogging helps establish an artist's work ( as I have done for three years now ).
I used to keep a diary as a kid, so blogging is second nature.

Looking forward to making more of of my "fantasy bib" necklaces...

and jazzing up the furniture...rock n roll style.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday week!


More exciting news to share...

Friday, December 25, 2009


Good things come to those who wait...
Merry Christmas.

photo via Knight Cat

NBA - 2K10

2010 begins with a collaboration that will reach new heights. Our new big and tall line will be revealed with the help of some NBA heavyweights. It's going to be HUGE!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lucky Me...

The uber-fabulous Cindy Whitehead, sports stylist eeeeextraordinaire bestowed upon me the proud honor of The Beautiful Blogger Award. This couldn't have come at a more welcome time.

I shall now perform the duties expected me per the guidelines of this award...

Here goes:

Seven things you guys couldn't wait to know about me....

1. I am WAY TOO TRUSTING. It's is both an asset and a detriment. I won't change though because my mother told me I should never lose that quality, it will only make me bitter.

2. I LOVE to sew by hand...especially sewing on tiny beads. It's very soothing, like therapy.

3. I love the word LOVE.

4. I have a wonderful friend who happens to be the best business attorney in L.A. ( if not the world, she's won against Paramount, Disney, Sony Pictures and was one of the attorneys involved in the O.J. trial - she defended Mark Furhman in a libel suit against New Yorker Magazine ) - we look alike, sound alike, have the same personality, hair color, style etc... only she's just a tad bit older... It's kinda scary -to everyone else - but fun for us : )

5. I have a photographic memory.

6. I LOVE skulls. My favoooorite piece of jewelry is a little silver skull with black diamonds.

7. I love my blogging friends!

Pics to follow!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wang time...

Loving last year's slouchy cashmere beanie so much that we made our own pattern today.

Merry Christmas to me : )