Friday, October 9, 2009

OB-sessed again and again...

Krisitn of Bleach Black

So last night we counted how many times I have bleached my hair in the last month ( 5 - with a 20 volume )  to get the color I have been completely obsessed with ( still not there yet ) thanks to Kristin ( above ) of Bleach Black and Taylor Jacobson of The Rachel Zoe Project.

Taylor Jacobson of Rachel Zoe INC

The good news about getting older is that you go blonder because of the grey that sets in ( in my case it started in my late 20's - that's what happens when you have kids young ; )

The good news is that my memory hasn't gone yet and I remembered a post Kristin did on the process of her hair color...and voila! The mystery is solved! Get the brassiness out and the neutral ( maybe even purple ) toner in.

Now I can grow old gracefully and punk blonde

Read Kristin's post here.


  1. love that color! i've always wanted it, but i'm lazy ;)

  2. last pic: that's similar to the color mine would turn after the toner faded, just before going for a touch-up. i found the perfect purple shampoo to aid in getting any brassiness out. things go, i JUST this week went darkish for the first time ever, which i am really liking! as much as i loved the pale blond (my natural color is dirty blond) i got sooo tired of the frequent salon visits- quite inconvenient where i live.

    i may go back to platinum one day, you can't ever tell what i'm likely to do.

    great blond pics here...enjoy yours, and show us a pic when you get that ideal color!


  3. love taylor's hair
    but wouldnt' work for me...i have crazy dark hair...almost black
    thanks for your sweet comment about my daughter's b-day.
    i always thought it would get easier as they got older, but it just gets different. so much fun...but lots of work
    have a great weekend

  4. I want to see your hair! I haven't seen it since you bleached it!