Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tribute to Aldo

Have I told you how much I have lusted after the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Pumps ( see above ) yet I just could not justify the $$$$$ it would take to satisfy this lust?

That lust was finally put to rest today, satisfied by 5 1/2 very sexy inches.

 My intuition is always good about things  - mostly feelings - not purchases. This time my impulse was right on when I spotted the Aldo outlet in Camarillo.

A quick stop turned into a little shopping excursion and I can tell you that my entire shoe collection will now consist of Aldos from this point on. Regular price : $100 ( STUPIDLY cheap for the quality - I know they are at least $300 in the department stores ) - my price: $50.38!

I have a gorgeous pair of red croc Jimmy Choos that don't even see daylight becuase they hurt soooo much.

Not these puppies...

My husband is contemplating a stripper pole in our bedroom just because of these sexy thaaaangs!


  1. These shoes are HOT! Always nice to have the hubby support a purchase like this :D

  2. Those are ALDO? The chain stores are really just getting better and better, I love it! :)

  3. Woah... can you walk in those? If so, I am super impressed. I wouldn't even try.

  4. great post!
    i've tried on a few pairs of aldos (and bought a cute pair of crystal sandals once) and must say most were comfortable and stylish. some are over-the-top in a glitzy-miami fashion (or maybe that was because i was in one of their miami stores- duh), but most aldos are impressive in quality and value.
    yours look really nice...will we see them with an outfit soon? :)

  5. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!