Friday, September 4, 2009

Punk Sewing Circle in Progress

For those of you who followed me here, you may remember my love for the Alabama Stitch Book and their fabulous skirt and other projects. In fact, my love translated into a full on obsession - I joined the Alabama Stitch Group on Flickr - which in turn won me accolades for my work on Alabama Chanin's site. Check out her post here. This was especially gratifying and humbling as the founder of this company and the pioneer of this design technique is a CFDA Vogue Fashion award finalist and a member of the American Council Of Fashion Designers. I wasn't the contest winner as a kid so this surely made up for it! Anyway, with a little time before we open up the new store, I decided to perfect my technique,  and add a few pieces to my wardrobe while experimenting with some new designs for our collections we are going to be featuring at our new location.

The corset from the book..

The corset and skirt I am currently working on. This is only two of many that I have worked on over the years so feel free to check out my Flickr for other pieces I posted...and if you're into sewing, by all means get this book. You will have quite a few present ideas for Christmas, not to mention some "couture" for yourself!


  1. thank you so much for visiting, commenting and following! how have u find me?? im always interested in that... but nobody ever tells!!!

  2. this is very an alabama native, i'd heard of alabama chanin, although not the stitch group.
    i'll head over to the link...

  3. I love that book! And your work is such an imaginative take on her techniques. Very cool.

  4. That's awesome - congrats! Can't wait to see more of your finished products.

  5. love what you are making...i bought the book as soon as it came out, but haven't made anything are certainly inspiring me to do so :)