Monday, August 31, 2009

I DIE for this DIY

Rodarte motorcycle jacket -  of which  Blog Googles did a post today on how ridiculously expensive it is - agreed . However, the key elements to this look are not that difficult to achieve. ( above -Rodarte backstage strapping their boots )...

Take the neckwarmer - Bleach Black did a similar one ( see below ) using this

The you might want to check out this DIY from Love Meagan
She cut the straps from a leather skirt - or you can use vintage / thrifted belts...

Add a few strategically placed cool buckles... (  below - from our own Revolution Vintage line -we paired here with a reverse applique vintage tee, lace cami and vintage sequined cardigan )... 

...and voila! A stunning one of a kind design that looks every bit as cool and expensive!


  1. so so so..... great, and the little skull-pin is so fabulous against the shimmery sequins and lace, xoxo

  2. this post rocks. super slick blog!